Top Trucking Companies in Canada

For professional truck drivers in Canada or for anyone who aspires to become a trucker, the present day is a golden age. Trucking companies need more drivers than ever and yet, due to shifting demographics, good driving jobs go unfilled.

This demand puts qualified truck drivers in a position of strength in the workplace; truckers can choose the companies they join. Who you work for can make a difference in the salary truckers make. This list explores the companies most worthy of joining, as reported by their own people. 

Bison Transport Truck

Workforce Changes Offer Opportunities

Changes in the aspirations of younger Canadians mean that senior drivers are retiring at a more rapid rate than new drivers are entering the workforce. Younger workers seek different careers and opportunities; trucking does not seem to appeal to them.

However, there is much to recommend a driving career for people of the right temperament and circumstances. As long as you are a self-starter, able to work without a supervisor looking over your shoulder, life on the road is a great alternative.

Features of a Great Trucking Employer

team drivers

Corporate Culture

Trucking firms where they foster a team environment and you’re able to build up a camaraderie with fellow drivers are great places to work.

Typically, a great company culture also means a well-managed team.

Low Turnover Rate

It has been said that the sign of a good trucking company is one that doesn’t have to openly recruit for drivers.

Great organizations have a very low turnover rate and most of their drivers have worked at the company for a long time.

Drivers who enjoy working for their employers will typically spread the word of how great their company is. This word of mouth effect tend to attract lots of inquiries and resumes.

When the company does have an opening for a driver they already have a robust collection of resumes to select a candidate from without ever having to advertise.

Small vs. Large Companies

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Small Employers

Unlike a large carrier, a smaller organization tends to promote a family type of environment – you’re not just a truck number, instead people know your name, and most likely the office staff will know you and your family on a personal level.

A smaller company can offer a driver a sense of fitting in and being part of the team, when you are a part of a smaller group everyone pitches in more to help and make sure that loads get covered and delivered to their destinations when they are supposed to be.

Small firms also tend to have less rules and the drivers have more freedom to make decisions on hometime, trip routing and fuel purchases.

Smaller fleets are more likely to invest in trucks that are spec’d out like an owner-operator’s truck would than your standard fleet truck that the large carriers have.

Smaller companies tend to operate in an area closer to their home base than large carriers, meaning that you’re likely to be home more often. You’re also more likely to have a better pay and bonuses than some larger companies.

Large Employers

UPS truck company

Drivers who work for large trucking establishments have different reasons why they would consider the company they work for as good – t could be based on pay, the type of work they do, the type of equipment they have, the regions that they travel, the way they are treated by dispatch/management, the benefit package that the company offers.

It’s quite possible to ask five drivers working at the same company why a company is the best and it’s completely possible that you get five different answers.

Truckers are in Demand Across Canada

The employees of a company are the ones who know best whether it offers high-value prospects for truckers. We looked at the current list of the biggest trucking companies in Canada in 2017, as counted by the total number of straight trucks, tractor and trailer units operated by each.

We cross-referenced them with the ratings that employees have given them on What we arrived at was a selection of the top ten Canadian trucking companies by employee-reported ratings. 

Best Trucking Companies to Work for in Canada

1. Bison Transport Inc.

Employees rate this Winnipeg-based company highly as a great work environment. Bison Transport offers driving positions in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC.

They are on the Platinum list of Canada’s best-managed companies and as well were named a 2015 Best Fleets to drive for.

They hire new drivers and have their own Entry Level Driver Training Program. They offer their drivers flexible schedules and routes. Employees receive a full range of benefits and flexible scheduling.

The company operates more than 1,500 tractors and 4,000 trailers. Bison runs throughout all of North America and run newer equipment with all the latest technologies available.

Bison respects the needs of hard working drivers who balance work and life. No wonder employees rate this trucking company higher than the rest!

2. Groupe Robert

This Rougemont QC Company provides general and specialized trucking services that include supply chain logistics.

Groupe Robert is third-generation family-operated, and the stability and foresight they have shown will continue to provide an excellent workplace for the future.

3. Manitoulin Transport Group

While employees at Manitoulin Transport work hard, they do note the friendly atmosphere in their reviews, along with a generous rate of pay.

This company has opportunities for drivers to work OTR, intermodal and LTL, across the continent and south of the border too.

4. Challenger Motor Freight

This Company motivates by paying its employees well in return for hard work, by providing outstanding training support, and by providing opportunities for advancement.

Challenger is a large Canadian carrier headquartered in Cambridge Ontario. They also have terminals in Dorval PQ and Aldergrove BC.

Besides their dry van division, they also have a special commodities, climate as well as a bulk division. The company also owns Elgin Transport based out of London, Ontario.

Challenger is one of Canada’s best-managed companies (they’re on the Platinum list), they are on the list of 2015 Fleets to Watch as well as a SmartWay Transport Partner.

Challenger hires new drivers and has their own training program that they put them through. The majority of their trucks and trailers are new, and employees have all the latest safety technology made available to them.

They offer drivers flexible routes and schedules. Challenger services all of North America.

5. TransForce International (Canada)

Not to be confused with the U.S. Company of the same name, TransForce International of Saint-Laurent, QC, delivers general and specialized freight by the truckload across Canada, The States, and Mexico.

6. Transfreight Inc.

Transfreight is now a subsidiary of Penske Logistics; so changes may follow soon. However, according to reviews by the employees, they hold this company in high regard.

7. H&R Transport Limited

This Company from Lethbridge, AB has been hauling freight across North America since 1955. H&R Transport Limited takes pride that it has a new fleet, with tractors that are less than eighteen months old on average.

8. UPS Canada

Brown is a fixture of the deliveries and logistics markets. While not rating as highly amongst its Canadian staff as in the USA, UPS Canada is unionized and employees who work hard will find camaraderie in the giant of the package and logistics labour force.

9. Trimac Transportation

Headquartered in Houston Texas, this company nevertheless has a significant fleet in the Great White North. Trimac Transportation is the leading bulk cargo carrier in North America.

10. Westcan Bulk Transport

Westcan Bulk Transport hails from Edmonton, AB and provides bulk-hauling services. While this firm gets mixed reviews, it might be a place to get your basic trucking experience before you move on to greater opportunities.

The Right Canadian Trucking Company

The top trucking employers often have more than one type of driving position. One company might need long haul OTR truckers for full loads as well as LTL and line haul drivers; there is likely to be something for everyone.

Specialization can lead to the best paying positions for jobs that take on additional risks, specific skills, or just require the steady hand of an experienced trucker to do safely. As well as tractor-trailer vans there are flatbeds, bulk carriers, tankers and refrigerator vans; it depends on the niche the company pursues as a business model.

There are plenty of opportunities for well-qualified professional drivers in Canada. The question is not how to find a driving job but to find the right job, the one that will advance your career and provide the most satisfaction.

There Are Good Trucking Jobs Out There

Yes, as a truck driver in Canada you can afford to consider the long-term considerations such as job satisfaction. As long as you have your Class 1 (AZ) licence in good standing, the one qualification to that is likely to be your willingness to relocate.

As a professional trucker in Canada, you have a valuable skill set, your licence, and your experience. While this list only addresses the largest companies, you may be able to find a local trucking or logistics company that is the right fit for your career.


  1. Smith Oliver says

    True, there are plenty of opportunities for well-qualified professional drivers in Canada. It was quite easy for me to get one where I am able to advance my career and still get satisfaction. Once you’ve got your license and have the experience, you will be able to find a good trucking or logistics company that is the right fit for you.

  2. UPS Canada is unionized, no doubt. Working there with other employees is fun. If you must join this company and you want to enjoy your stay, you have to work hard and you will surely find camaraderie in the giant of the package and logistics labor force!

  3. I’ve heard a lot about Bison Transport Inc and the employee’s ratings are quite good. It’s a good thing they hire new drivers and have their own entry-level driver’s training program. I would really love to work somewhere they offer their drivers flexible schedules and routes. The company is really encouraging.

  4. Exactly, truckers are in demand across Canada with the way the older workforce is going down and the younger ones not taking any interest in the field. If you have the license and experience, trust me you are on your way to achieving something good. There are a lot of companies around you can work with. Just meet the employees and they will tell you the one that offers high-value prospects for truckers.

    • Pranav Jain says

      I want to join as a truck driver. How can i get lmia from india? Any suggestion bro?

    • Horace Winitana says

      Hi I am a healthy experienced driver on logging trucks here in New Zealand, The type of configuration I have driven have been on double units 150 to 200 ton payload of logs from various logging crews within the Kaingaroa forest and also. Truck and trailer from various crews thru out the north island carting 50 ton loads to the various ports for export to global clients . I am currently not working as I have just recovered from a bad viral flu how ever I am ready to go. I would like to seek employment in Canada carting logs

    • My name is Edmond Dube and I’m 31 years old, am a Zimbabwean by citizen but currently staying in South Africa. I’ve worked in SA as a truck driver since 2012 and I’ve been in transport industry since 2009. I’m currently working at HESTONY TRANSPORT, one of the biggest refrigeration truck company in SA. I’m so much interested in working in Canada and would love to relocate and begin a new life there please assist me.

    • Looking for a Canadian Truck company Company Sponsored CDL Training for a Indian resident.

  5. If you want a trucking company where you’ll not be far from home, would be appreciated in person by all staffs and maybe get a better pay and bonuses, I’ll recommend you try the small local companies. Be sure to speak with people on the inside to understand how their business rules work so you don’t continue going back and forth.

  6. Hi I’m an aspiring truck driver currently looking for a company that will help me get my AZ license. I’m based in London Ontario and willing to sign a contract to get my license funded. Schneider offers this option but only if you can do US runs which I can’t because of my record. Is there any other company that can help me out? I can get a grant through the Canada Ontario job grant if a company is willing to guarantee me a job after I get my license. Companies under 100 employees would only need to pay 1/6th of the training costs which I would gladly reimburse after I start working for them. Please let me know if there is a willing trucking company that would help me out. My email address is

  7. Can anyone please suggest me a good company which train new drivers from
    Good schools in Toronto area for local work.


    I love ,I like ,my hobby truck drive ,I am truck driver

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      Hi sir…I’m from India ,BORDER SECURITY FORCE. Now my job going to complete . I have a dream be a truck driver in Canada.
      I need your help.
      Kindly guide me for my future assistant. becouse some one cheat me 14lak. I lost my total savings.its very sad and dark side of my life that was.
      thank you

  9. im looking in driver job in Canada

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    hi iam living saudia arabia last 12 years & i work Al hayat medical company as a trailer driver ladt 10 years i want come to canada & work their best company for best feature so i nead a work permit

  11. Happy Sunday,
    I’ve been a professional driver in one capacity or another since I was 16, i’m now 51. 7 years ago i let my Class 1 expire because i got married. 2 years ago we seperated and i was itching to get my Class 1 again and hit the long road. Due to sad times in my house i hit the wine and got pulled over and issued a DUI. My first offense. 3 month suspension, shit! Roughly 2 and half months into my suspension, i had made a critical decision due to a medication issue droce to the closest drugstore to correct the error, guess what, busted, I’ve never been in trouble with the law so needless to say i was overwhelmed with whst I’ve done. Automatic 1 year driving ban. I get my licence back on November 20th, 2 days from now. This prohibition is on my drivers abstract, i know this. My question is, am i waisting my time getting my Class 1 back. I did my punishment, paid my penance but will any reputable compsnt hire me. Is there still company sponsored courses still out there,.Thank you guys fof your honest responses, i need to get back to what i love doing, trucking! Cheers friends

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